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There is life in the streets

The project "There is life in the street "which was submitted in 2015 Youth Projects Support Program within the scope of the 1st Call Period was granted.
The purpose of the project:
The general purpose of our project; To train Street Workers at with the help of international cooperation in order to take a concrete step towards the fight against social exclusion at the national level.

Special Targets; Supporting the development of cross-trainer skills of 15 of our consortium partners, to train 15 Street Workers, to do the necessary preparation to take the precaution for the children in Turkey who live,work and spend time in the street.

What does Street Worker mean?

In the world and Turkey, the phenomenon of children living and working in the street is recognized as a problem case. This problem has actually manifested itself under different names in every society in every period. Every society has tried to find a solution to this social problem according to the realities of time. From time to time, it has been tried to reach through extremely violent police measures or ignored from time to time. Because the psycho-social aspect of the problem is neglected, the situation under pressure has grown and has become an avalanche effect.

Every Street Worker to be trained in this area will reduce the effect of avalanches. When a literature study was conducted in order to take a concrete step in relation to the children living / working on the street,It was understood that there were different researches and works in Europe. . The concept of Street Worker was encountered in these researches. Dynamo International website, which tries to establish an active global network, has been contacted via e-mail. This concept of having no meaning in Turkey, living on the streets / activities-facilities for working children are used to regulate. No institution in Turkey about the issue provide a training in this area and also does not know this concept. Our association works to increase the awareness of this concept and profession. In this context, seminars, conferences and events are organized.

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