about us


PANGEA aims at equipping people with the new skills and developing human resources in Turkey and worldwide. Training, seminars, projects and online systems are conducted in line with this purpose.


We are everywhere to strengthen the human resources.


  1. Working in order to provide vocational, social and cultural integration among the young, the old, the women, the disabled and the disadvantaged communities within the society and also developing and implementing various projects related to these issues,
  2. Organizing training courses such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels,
  3. Providing all kinds of information, certificate, documents and publications required for the realization of the purpose, creating a documentation centre, publishing works, such as newspapers, magazines and books, and publishing information and publications to distribute them to the members,
  4. Providing a fruitful working environment for the realization of the purpose, providing all kinds of technical equipment and tools, fixtures and stationery,
  5. Providing assistance for donation collection activities with the necessary permissions, and accepting donations from the country and abroad,
  6. Establishing and running economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to ensure the revenues needed for the realization of the objectives of the regulation,
  7. Establishing social and cultural facilities for recreation and the benefit of its members and disseminating these activities.
  8. Arranging meetings, concerts, ballrooms, theatre, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining events in order to improve and maintain the human relations among the members of the organization or ensuring that members benefit from such activities,
  9. Buying, selling, renting, letting on lease of real estate or movable estate, which is needed for association activities,
  10. If necessary for the realization of the purpose, establishing a foundation, set up a federation or joining a federation which was set up, establishing facilities that can be established by permission of associations by obtaining the necessary permission,
  11. Taking part in international activities, becoming a member of associations or organizations abroad and cooperating or helping each other with these organizations on a project basis,
  12. Subject to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Institutions, carrying out joint projects on matters falling within the scope of public institutions and organizations and their duties,
  13. Opening a representative office somewhere deemed necessary in order to carry out activities of the association ,
  14. Establishing platforms in order to realize a common goal with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the Association and which are not prohibited by law,
  15. Preparing and implementing projects for all national and international grant schemes
  16. Preparing and implementing projects and trainings for gypsy citizens or those living like the gypsy
  17. Organizing and implementing projects and trainings for the development of democratic citizenship awareness,
  18. Providing awards, documents, gifts and plaques for the purpose of encouragement to the individuals and organizations that provide success in the field of education,
  19. Establishing scientific, commercial, industrial, social and cultural institutions and foundations that will contribute to the aims of our association, and also cooperating with institutions and foundations established by real and legal entities operating in these areas at domestic and abroad, and creating platforms in various areas,
  20. For the purpose of generating an income for our NGO ,participating in or organizing any activities such as fairs, exhibitions, excursions, concerts and similar events, social and cultural activities
  21. In accordance with the objectives provided that the necessary permission from authorities, organizing and cooperating with national and international organizations in our country and abroad, organizing scientific meetings, symposiums and conferences, to participate in congresses and conferences,
  22. Carrying out activities in order to maintain the existence of all kinds of living and non-living beings in natural equilibrium in order to protect the nature, contributing to the activities carried out, or participating in the activities themselves,
  23. Cooperating with similar community organizations in the fields of culture, art, science, education, philosophy and politics in the fields of culture and art; Carrying out projects that will help the society to reconcile with foreign cultures and lifestyles, providing services, to conduct international activities,
  24. In areas related to art and culture and in other fields; cooperating with other associations, foundations and public and non-governmental organizations in the fields of cinema, music, folklore, literature, history, archeology, architecture, psychology, sociology, philosophy, educational sciences, sports and political sciences, organizing joint works,
  25. Developing alternative education programs that meet the needs of our era and our country, including techniques and contents appropriate for this period, and creating science and advisory boards for this purpose, organizing workshops,
  26. Investigating, examining, introducing and discussing different alternative education models and methods applied abroad,
  27. Conducting studies that will enable everyone to benefit and facilitate education and training,
  28. For the youth living abroad, supplying education in order to strengthen its ties with Turkey, to recognize their own cultures in place and allow them to see Turkey's historical and cultural venues; realizing visits to Turkey based on religion, culture and civilization.
  29. In order to protect young people from drug addiction and make them healthy, happy, productive as individuals , supporting cognitive, physical, psychological, social development activities and doing national and international projects .
  30. Being a part of the society and especially increasing the opportunities for non-employment and employment, and conducting national and international projects,
  31. Improving the conditions in the areas of education, health, employment and working life for disadvantaged groups (those with disabilities, women, elderly, children and young people at risk of crime, Long-term unemployed, unemployed youth, Mobile temporary workers etc.) and social, cultural and business activities to increase participation in life and to make national and international projects.
  32. To conduct activities and national international projects aiming at supporting the personal and social development of young people, enabling them to realize their potential, contributing to the decision-making and implementation processes of young people in all areas of social life and contributing to the realization of innovative ideas.