President of the Association

Hasan Dağıdır, who is known for his 18 years of teaching and 12 years of project implementation experience, and his projects for employment and training, is the Founder and Chairman of our Association. He has been continuing his education as a PhD student in the Department of Educational Administration, Inspection and Planning. He has worked as Project Expert and Project Coordinator at Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education for 8 years, as a Project Monitoring and Evaluation Expert for TR83 Region for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for 2 years and also he has taken place in over one hundred projects as trainer, Training Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Monitoring and evaluation specialist. He has given over one hundred project preparation, implementation and monitoring trainings in Samsun and various parts of the country.

Nalan Aydın

Project Coordinator

Nalan Aydın is Erasmus+ and eTwinning project coordinator at PANGEA with her 20 years English teacher experience. During her career, she has run various national and international projects. Due to her successful works, she has been awarded with many national and European quality labels. Moreover, one of eTwinning projects that she carried out in 2018 was awarded as the best inclusion project in Turkey. She has participated in seminars and trainings dealt with project implementation and management both in Turkey and Europe. She has the main responsibility for forming partnership, submitting applications and managing projects over their lifecycle.

    Tansu Köksal


    Tansu Köksal is a member of the board of directors of PANGEA, with the experience of 24 years of mathematics teaching, administration in schools, board membership in associations. He was actively involved in the implementation and coordination of European Union projects. He also received certificate of training in marketing and accounting.